Johannes M. Hedinger

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Mein peer reviewed Kapitel “Visual Artists’ Professional Situations and Trajectories Between Institutions and the Market” das ich zusammen mit Pierre Bataille und Olivier Moeschler geschrieben habe – wurde eben veröffentlich in: The Sociology of Arts and Markets: New Developments and Persistent Patterns, herausgegeben von Glauser/Holder/Mazzurana/Moeschler/Schultheis bei Palgrave Macmillan, London/New York/Shanghai (2020). > PDF

Klappentext: This edited collection offers an in-depth analysis of the complex and changing relationship between the arts and their markets. Highly relevant to almost any sociological exploration of the arts, this interaction has long been approached and studied. However, rapid and far-reaching economic changes have recently occurred.

Through a number of new empirical case studies across multiple artistic, historic and geographical settings, this volume illuminates the developments of various art markets, and their sociological analyses. The contributions include chapters on artistic recognition and exclusion, integration and self-representation in the art market, sociocultural changes, the role of the gallery owner, and collectives, rankings, and constraints across the cultural industries. Drawing on research from Japan, Switzerland, France, Italy, China, the US, UK, and more, this rich and global perspective challenges current debates surrounding art and markets, and will be an important reference point for scholars and students across the sociology of arts, cultural sociology and culture economy.