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Online Conversation

Join the conversations – Critical Conditions: the mind of nature. A virtual human library exploring ecology through 20 candid conversations. Nov 28-29 2020.
With Ursula Biemann (CH), Leonardo Buergi (CH), Aura Chandrasekhar (IND), Richard Dias (IND), Fragmentin (CH), Johannes M. Hedinger (CH), Dr. Anil Joshi (IND), Kreativkonsum (CH), Vanessa Lorenzo (CH), Marcus Maeder (CH), Simrit Malhai (IND), Robin Meier (CH), Anne-Marie Meister (GER), Dr. Jasmine Pradissitto (UK), Extinction Rebellion, Pankaj Sekhsaria (IND), Dr. Vandana Shiva (IND), George Steinmann (CH), Amit Tida (IND), Ivan Vargas (COL)
My talk/topic will be: Can Environmental Art reconnect us with the history, culture and ecology of landscape? meet us here on Nov 28  (CET): 1130 – 1330Bildschirmfoto 2020-11-22 um 18.09.11

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Positive final statement

With a two day Finissage this year’s Art Safiental Biennale came to a successful end. the official final statement can be found here. As a selection find two reviews (in german and romansh) below, further article can be found here.

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Finissage Art Safiental

Please join us for a big finale with great events and presentations on the last two days of the Art Safiental Biennale.  > Flyer

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Baptism of Anton

On Oct 9, the outdoor baptims of our sonAnton Ben Anakena, took place on the Bergkanzel  by Com&Com on Glaspass. A big thanks to pastor Martin Peier, Hans and Johannes for the music, Regula Schmid for the Apéro and all guest for this very special day.



The Sociology of Arts and Markets

Cover vorn hinten

My peer reviewed chapter “Visual Artists’ Professional Situations and Trajectories Between Institutions and the Market” – co-authored with Pierre Bataille and Olivier Moeschler – just got published in: The Sociology of Arts and Markets: New Developments and Persistent Patterns, ed. Glauser/Holder/Mazzurana/Moeschler/Schultheis with Palgrave Macmillan, London/New York/Shanghai (2020). > PDF

From the blurb: This edited collection offers an in-depth analysis of the complex and changing relationship between the arts and their markets. Highly relevant to almost any sociological exploration of the arts, this interaction has long been approached and studied. However, rapid and far-reaching economic changes have recently occurred.

Through a number of new empirical case studies across multiple artistic, historic and geographical settings, this volume illuminates the developments of various art markets, and their sociological analyses. The contributions include chapters on artistic recognition and exclusion, integration and self-representation in the art market, sociocultural changes, the role of the gallery owner, and collectives, rankings, and constraints across the cultural industries. Drawing on research from Japan, Switzerland, France, Italy, China, the US, UK, and more, this rich and global perspective challenges current debates surrounding art and markets, and will be an important reference point for scholars and students across the sociology of arts, cultural sociology and culture economy.


Successfull 3. Alps Art Academy

Because of the Covid pandemic, the international summer academy ALPS ART ACADEMY was postponed into autumn and its size was reduced by half (participants and workshops).
The associated ILEA Talks were  largely carried out digitally, with participants from three time zones and streamed live on Youtube. Even the early onset of winter could not slow down the success, but only spurred the creativity of the participants even more. > final presentation. A selection of the academy projects will also be on view at the closing event of the Art Safiental Biennale> Program

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Alps Magazine

“Das Digi-Tal. Das Bündner Safiental ist eng. Doch seine Bewohner sind so offen, wie man es selten in abgelegenen Alpenregionen erlebt. Frische Ideen und mutige Projekte..”
Thank you ALPS Magazine, Ute Watzl and Lisa Hörterer for the lovely and comprehensive article on our art initiatives and valley.



ILEA Talks: critical grounds


The symposium will take place on the first weekend of the Alps Art AcademySeptember 26/27, 2020The first day of the Conference “CRITICAL GROUNDS” addresses a critical discourses regarding landscape, its change, perception, and use: the second day presents several art initiatives working in the peripheral, rural and alpine areas. Due to restrictions caused by the Covid-pandemic, this year’s the symposium will only take place within the Academy and will not be open to external visitors. But we will stream the talks free of charge and live for all interested parties.

Speakers: Annemarie Bucher, Sally de Kunst, Ryan Dewey, William L. Fox, Johannes M. Hedinger, Michael Hiltbrunner, Hanna B. Hölling, Marcel Hörler, Tara Lasrado, Dharmendra Prasad, Emily Eliza Scott, Chris Taylor, Curdin Tones, Rebecca Uchill, Karen Winzer
Link  Live Stream
Link Live Stream Sunday

Detailed program: HERE
Program/Handout – info/download


ETH Robotics Event

On 5./6. September 2020 the Science Weekend, organized with ETH IRIS (Institute or Robotics and Intelligent Systems) in the frame of Art Safiental took place. On both days there was offered a «Robotic Hike» with the two robots “Myosuit” and “Anymal” from Tenner Alp Bleichtaboda (1938 m.ü.M.) the the peak Chrüz (2020 m.ü.M.). Reviews in NZZBlick, Südostschweiz, Bündner Tagblatt und Ruinaulta. – Photos by Robert Riener and Susi Schildknecht.



Finally mainstream

The Art Safiental Biennale was featured as a question in the quiz show “1 gegen 100” on TV SRF1. and the candidate eben new the answer! 118980588_3487295721383632_5077130419664284489_n